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6 Vegan Thermogenic Foods: Burn Fat On A Plant-Based Diet

When you think of a fat-burning diet, a vegan or plant-based diet may not be the first thing that comes...

Is Green Tea Naturally Caffeinated?

You get out of bed and what’s the first thing most people reach for? Probably tea or coffee. There’s nothing...

Weight Training Fasted vs Fed

Word on the town is that fasted cardio is the thing to do if you’re looking for fat loss… and...

Intermittent Fasting and Exercise Timing

We’re all familiar with the amazing feeling of blood coursing through our veins during a good workout, loaded with energy,...

Fasted Weight Training Benefits

It’s seemingly easy to go the entire night without eating food; it’s not like you wake up mid-sleep to grab...

How Much Cayenne Pepper is "Too Much"?

Closely related to the jalapeño and bell pepper, cayenne peppers are a staple in the Mexican, Cajun, Creole, and Southwestern...

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